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CONA S, the ball float steam trap, now also as a Power version, with more performance for differential pressures up to 32 bar and >10,000 kg/h capacity!

For major fluctuations in pressure and volume – instant discharge with no temperature loss! For discharge of condensate at boiling temperature.

• Robust lever and ball design.

• Double seat design for high performance and optimised leverage as well as integrated venting via diaphragm valve.

• Backwater-free discharge of condensate for major fluctuations in pressure and volume due to instant discharge with no temperature loss.

• Highly efficient as no additional check valve is necessary.

• Integrated automatic venting / drainage as standard.

• Rapid system start-up due to thermostatic control element (liquid drainage).

• Optimum handling: converts easily from vertical to horizontal installation.


DN 15-100 // PN 16-160


1/2“-4“ // ANSI Class 150-900


Cast iron, SG iron, cast steel, forged steel, heat resistant steel, stainless steel, ASTM materials

Connection types:

Flanges, screwed sockets, socket weld ends, butt weld ends