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FABA Supra MD PN 63-160

FABA Supra MD PN 63-160

Bellows seal valves FABA now also for medium pressure (PN 63-160) with nominal diameters DN 10-100

• Reliably tight, even in harsh industrial environments due to bellows seal, the serrated seal and the stellited seat with marginal seat (ideal hardness gradient Stellite 6 / Stellite 21).

• Even safer to use due to the balancing plug (optional as from DN 65)

• Durable and failsafe due to bellow that is positioned outside the medium

• Durable due to extra-long, modified and pressure resistant bellows design

• Durable due to reinforced bellows seal up to 10,000 cycles

• Tested safety by approval acc. to DIN EN ISO 15848-1 / TA-Luft

• Tested tightness: sealing leakage test with air for all valves (leakage rate “A” acc. to DIN EN)




Cast steel, forged steel, heat resistant steel

Nominal diameter:

DN 10-100

Nominal pressure:

PN 63-160

Connection types:

Flanges, butt weld ends