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Wafer and Lugged

Wafer and Lugged

• Top plate double drilled to fit ISO 5211 dimensions and standard secondary bolt circle dimensions

• Unique centre-lock seat design virtually eliminates any seat movement during the seating and un-seating of the disc

• Unique stem retention system to provide blow-out proof stem and easy assembly and disassembly of valve

• Heavy duty one piece wafer and lugged wafer body designed to withstand specified pressures

• Nylon coated high strength disc with hand polished disc edge and hubs ensures excellent corrosion resistance to several chemical media

• Heavy duty square grooved seat design with moulded O-ring seals to serve as flange gasket

• One piece stem with close tolerances double D drive eliminates the need for disc screws or taper pins

• Heavy duty bearing absorbs the forces acting on the stem/disc assembly due to line pressure